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  • I keep it real. I’m a professional with over 25 years of experience in corporate America, an MBA degree and a Project Management Professional certification. I’m also a wife and mom. I have faced the ugly realities of failure and know how tough it is to get back on track to rebuild that Self-Confidence.

  • I have high Emotional Intelligence. I have strong empathy and am sensitive to each situation - no judgment here.

  • I speak with impact. I am an award-winning Motivational Speaker. I trained with one of the industry's renowned Motivational Speakers. I'm also a former member/officer for Toastmasters, International, a professional public speaking organization.

  • I am a Co-Author of Inspiring Women Professionals Who BossUp! and Dream Big, Do Bigger, where I bring awareness to others on Imposter Syndrome and give strategies on rebuilding self-esteem.


My Philosophy


To Inspire and Empower seasoned professionals to be the best versions of themselves in business and life.



My mission is to help seasoned professionals regain self-confidence through Motivational Speaking and self-paced Personal Development reources.


R - Relatable

E – Excellence in Customer Service

D – Dedication to Diversity and Inclusion

E – Effective Strategies

F – Foster Belonging

I - Integrity

N - Normalize

E - Engagement



S – Self-Discovery

U – Uplift

C - Confidence

C - Commitment

E - Empower

S – Support

S - Strength


Claudia Chan, Mindset Life Coach

I resonated with Gail Meriel’s speech when I heard her speak about Imposter Syndrome. Gail has a way of connecting with her audience through her stories, letting them know they’re not alone on the journey. Gail also effectively shares her insight and knowledge through her speech, which inspires and propels her audience to the next level. I highly recommend Gail as a speaker.

Sandy L. Spady, Founder of Women with Voices,
CEO of Power Up

Gail has a fantastic gift of voice and captures her audience naturally. Her passion for bringing awareness to Imposter Syndrome is genuine and her talent to inspire others shines with everyone she interacts with. Her speeches are powerful. I highly recommend Gail as a coach and speaker. 


Gail is an amazing speaker who is an expert on overcoming imposter syndrome. I was fortunate to see her speak on stage which so much conviction and passion. Gail is someone you need to hire for your next event as a speaker or workshop facilitator. Keep up the great work you are doing Gail!

- Sheena Yap Chan

  WSJ Bestselling Author, Keynote speaker, consultant and podcaster on  self-confidence and leadership. 


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