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Do any of these statements resonate with you? You're not alone. 
Reducing that negative thinking will help you take the next steps to redefining YOUR success and transform you into a Warrior with a Purpose!

*Affected by recent corporate restructuring or culture change
*In a new role
*Have English as a second language and are conscious about speaking
*Frustrated, deflated, de-motivated, emotionally drained
*Don't feel what they do is enough
*Committed to continuous self-improvement
*Want more out of career and life


​Hi, I'm Gail, Founder of Success Redefined! I am passionate about using my gift of voice and experience to working with extraordinary women who secretly struggle with imposter syndrome - feelings of being a ‘fake’ in the face of failure, less-deserving of success, or taking on way too much to achieve yet it’s not enough. I’ve been there, and I know it does not put anyone in their happy place. Mental and emotional well-being are my top priority. I love to help women take control of their emotions, reassess what success means to them, and become Warriors with a Purpose.  Let’s get started on your journey to self-confidence and discover that superpower!



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