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Success Redefined

Gail Meriel at a speaking event

Don't Let Anyone Else Define You!


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If you are...

*Caught in an emotional vicious cycle of lacking confidence in your career or personal life and grappling with uncertainty about your path

*Feeling imposter syndrome from a setback or new role/responsibilities

*Feeling the pressure of being everything to everyone

It's important to recognize that YOU have the power to define yourself as an individual, rather than letting OTHERS DEFINE YOU.


When you allow others to define you, you may end up feeling unfulfilled or living a life that doesn't align with your TRUE VALUES and GOALS.


By taking control of your own IDENTITY, you are able to make choices that reflect who you truly are, rather than simply conforming to the EXPECTATIONS of OTHERS.


This can lead to greater self-confidence and a stronger sense of PURPOSE, and lead a more FULFILLING and AUTHENTIC life.


By finding yourself and embracing who you are, you will REDEFINE your SUCCESS and create a life that is truly your OWN.

Headshot of the motivational speaker Gail Meriel

Experience a transformative moment in just a few minutes! Dive into this powerful short clip of an inspiring and empowering speech that transcends words, leaving audiences motivated and uplifted. Book Gail for your next event and let the magic of inspiration unfold in your midst. Your audience deserves an unforgettable experience!


This International Best-Seller profiles Women Who Have Broken The Mold To Achieve, Overcome Difficulties Or Inspire Change Through Relentless Endeavor. Hailing From Across The Globe, Diverse Walks Of Life And Varied Disciplines Including STEM, Healthcare, Finance, Coaching And Non-Profit, "Women Who BossUp" Is A Welcome Companion To Any Boss Or Boss In The Making.

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I believe we all have the power to not let anyone else define us, and with our strong faith, we can shift our perspectives in the face of adversity, redefine our story, and pursue our dreams, no matter how impossible they may seem. I'm very passionate about my natural gift of voice, giving inspiration, motivation and hope, while educating and giving immediate, decisive and goal-oriented value to my audience. I share my message through Keynote speaking. Reach out to learn more about how I can motivate and positively impact your organization.

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