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About Gail

Don't Let Anyone Else Define You. 


When we allow others to define us, our authenticity is lost. We conform to their expectations, living a life that mirrors their vision rather than our own. We try to be everything to everyone, and this often leads to a loss of personal identity and a feeling of inadequacy as we navigate a reality that doesn't align with our genuine desires and aspirations.


Gail Meriel is a Project Manager, Award-winning Global Motivational Speaker, and International Best-Selling Author. She has been featured on NBC, CBS and FOX, and had multiple media appearances from the books she co-authored, Inspiring Women Professionals Who Boss Up and Dream Big, Do Bigger. She also had the privilege of sharing the stage with former American Idol Justin Guarini and successful entrepreneur Shari Fitzpatrick of Shari’s Berries. 


Gail inspires and empowers professionals who lost confidence from traumatic experiences learn how to regain self-esteem through self-discovery and emotional intelligence. They will redefine and achieve success in business and life without losing themselves mentally, emotionally and physically. 


Gail believes we all have the power to shift our perspectives, to redefine our story, and pursue our dreams, no matter how impossible they may seem. She's very passionate about her natural gift of voice, giving inspiration, motivation and hope, while educating and giving immediate, decisive and goal-oriented value to all professionals. She shares her message through Keynote speaking and personal development resources. Connect with Gail to learn more.

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Claudia Chan, Mindset Life Coach

I resonated with Gail Meriel’s speech when I heard her speak about Imposter Syndrome. Gail has a way of connecting with her audience through her stories, letting them know they’re not alone on the journey. Gail also effectively shares her insight and knowledge through her speech, which inspires and propels her audience to the next level. I highly recommend Gail as a speaker.

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Sheena Yap Chan

  WSJ Bestselling Author, Keynote speaker, consultant, and podcaster on self-confidence and leadership. 

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Gail is an amazing speaker who is an expert on overcoming imposter syndrome. I was fortunate to see her speak on stage which so much conviction and passion. Gail is someone you need to hire for your next event as a speaker or workshop facilitator. Keep up the great work you are doing Gail!

Headshot of Jeanette Peterson

Sandy L. Spady, Founder of Women with Voices,
CEO of Power Up

Gail has a fantastic gift of voice and captures her audience naturally. Her passion for bringing awareness to Imposter Syndrome is genuine and her talent to inspire others shines with everyone she interacts with. Her speeches are powerful. I highly recommend Gail as a coach and speaker. 

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