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Congratulations and Welcome to the 
VIP Bundle!

I LOVE that you are interested in learning more about how you can combat Imposter Syndrome!

Here are a few offers EXCLUSIVELY for you - Total Value over $500 USD!

  1. Download Self-Discovery Journal

  2. One 30 minute Free Coaching Session - You will:

    • Have a Self-Discovery Journal review

    • Identify the true focus of your transformation.

    • Come away with at least one high-level strategy you can implement IMMEDIATELY to start your transformation journey! 

  3. Automatic entry to win a digital copy of Inspiring Women Professionals Who Boss Up AND Dream Big Do Bigger for those who schedule a Free Coaching Session and commit to a program by the end of the month.

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU and Don't forget:


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Are you ready to Boss Up?

International Best-Seller "Inspiring Women Professionals Who BossUp" Profiles Women Who Have Broken The Mold To Achieve, Overcome Difficulties Or Inspire Change Through Relentless Endeavor. Hailing From Across The Globe, Diverse Walks Of Life And Varied Disciplines Including STEM, Healthcare, Finance, Coaching And Non-Profit, "Women Who BossUp" Is A Welcome Companion To Any Boss Or Boss In The Making.


Gail's chapter speaks about her career challenges with imposter syndrome and how she overcame them to succeed.

Dream Big Do Bigger.jpeg

Build the bridge between your dreams and reality!

Are you Dreaming BIG? But is that all your doing though? Have you turned your dreams into actionable steps? This book is all about accountability. It's about turning your dreams into a reality. It's one thing to dream BIG but another to do even BIGGER! Inside this International Best-Selling book you are provided strategic methods and guidance to truly create the life and business you want to lead and live. There is no perfect time to start but right now! By dreaming BIG and doing BIGGER, you are challenging yourself to drop all limiting beliefs, self sabotage, imposter syndrome and really focusing on what it takes to do the BIGGER steps!

Gail's chapter shares how limiting beliefs held her back in pursuing big dreams and strategies she took to achieve success.

Hello, I'm Gail,
Founder of Success Redefined

My mission is to help female professionals and entrepreneurs take steps to regain self-confidence and combat imposter syndrome in 60 days to achieve success.

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